Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Party for Kalli

Last week we had Kalli's birthday party. It was a pretty small affair. We invited three families over for dinner and fun and all the kids were just running around like crazy. Kalli had such a fun time and it was low stress which made it so great!
Here are the kids getting ready for the party.  Kalli eating her cupcake. I didn't get a picture of it but I made a cupcake bar for everybody, it was a big hit! This is after pizza dinner and her frosting (she didn't eat the cake part, surprise surprise). I just love her face in this. If you also notice, she loves to put all her food in her hair. As much as I love her hair it becomes a pain in the butt when she does this which is an everyday occurrence.  So excited for her toys! This is a good depiction of what happened. Kalli was so uninterested in opening her presents so everybody else just opened them for her. It actually happened so fast I wasn't quite sure what she got and who she got it from. 
Afterwards we did sparklers for the older kids and that was a huge hit. We had so much fun at her party. 


thegatewoodfamily said...

Her eyes are to die for! Good grief she is cute. It looks like she had a blast, I think I will do the no stress party this next year, holy crud I'm going to have a 2 year old soon. Yikes!

The KGB Family said...

Happy Birthday!

Summer and Hunter said...

Fun! I love that first picture-so adorable.

And the food shampoo cracks me up!

Ryan and Kelli said...

Sooo much fun! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

JKThomas said...

Such a fun party! I love her hair and just wish my baby girl would let me do anything with her crazy hair.