Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hair of a difference

The above is a picture of Blake at his first birthday party. Back then I actually thought he had hair. It makes me laugh. 
Below is a picture of Kalli at eleven months. As her year birthday is fast approaching I keep comparing where the two are. I know you're not supposed to do that, but this one made me laugh. 
Look at the complete differences in hair. We used to think Blake had (some) hair. Comparing though to what Kalli has, non-comparable. 
Kalli's hair is really long and you can actually see it. Luckily the no hair till you're two gene did not affect Kalli.


Ryan and Kelli said...

SOOOO CUTE! Hope to see you guys soon! Miss you and love ya lots!

Karrasch Clique said...

That is so funny! I totally remember when you thought Blake had a lot of hair =) You are too funny! Your little kalli is very cute!!

Paula said...

For boys it's o.k. but we're glad Kalli's got hair. Love those pigtails!

Amy said...

Those pigtails are adorable!