Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A nice day at the park

Saturday we were having a beautiful day with very light winds (this will change very soon!) so we decided to walk down to our park and enjoy the day. Lexie has not been to a park since she was very small and I'm pretty sure she thought she was in heaven. We did the seesaw and she loved it, she got to swing and loved it and she got to play with a dog, could life get any better?
She loved this! So did she! Pure joy! This may be a miracle, Kalli never gets close to Lexie unless she's going to torture her. Aww, there might be hope for these two yet. Closing shot of this crazy, amazing little girl. Have we mentioned how much we love her?
I also promise that Blake was there but he was too busy riding his bike and making friends to take any pictures. He didn't even come near us until we told him it was time to leave.


April said...

JEALOUS! We have snow on the ground right now and can't play outside. I can't believe how big Lexie is! Miss you guys!

Ryan, Kelli and Clara said...

WHat great weather! Your kiddos are getting so big! I love it!