Friday, February 10, 2012

Our little Kalli Bug

I've been meaning to write a post about Kalli for so long but other things just keep coming up. I feel like that is what Kalli's life is like. It's probably very hard to be the middle child, I was never one but I feel pain for her all the time.
We were sitting in our tithing settlement in December and the bishop said I know Blake and I know Lexie but who are you. I felt so bad for Kalli because she lives this everyday. People always know Blake, he's outgoing, social and a friend to all. People all know Lexie because she's the baby and was born here so people feel a connection to her since they were present while I was pregnant. But poor Kalli is not as recognized. I feel that people don't get to know her very well because her brother and sister outshine her most days.
But if you do know Kalli you know that she's incredibly sweet and very kind hearted. She's the girliest girl I've ever met and I think it's so adorable. She loves having the foam curlers put in her hair at night and loves it even more when I take them out and her hair is so curly. Kalli is usually in a dress up princess dress all day long unless we need to go somewhere or she's eating. In fact, she has one fairy dress she loves that has little crystals on it and in the morning when the sun is really shining she likes to do the crystal dance, which is when the crystals catch the light and put little rainbows all over the room. I often find Kalli playing with her doll houses and having the best time with her imagination.
If you know Kalli you also know that she's not too fond of her little sister. In fact, she ignores her all day long and gets really upset if Lexie comes near her when she's playing. The other morning she was whining about Lexie and I told Kalli that she needs to be nice to Lexie because she is her sister. Kalli proceeds to tell me "no, she's my brother's sister". I couldn't help but laugh. I hope one day she will grow to love Lexie.
I am so happy that Kalli is part of our family. She's very unlike me or Joe, so that has been a challenge of sorts but we love her no matter what.


Heather G. said...

well, i feel more connected to kalli! she is truly such a sweetie! love hearing more about her!

Ryan, Kelli and Clara said...

SHe is so sweet- can't wait to spend more time with her at the reunion. XOXOX!

Aubrey Norby said...

What a darling girl! She is a most authentic looking Cinderella. I love how you did her hair in this picture!
I am in the same birth order as Kalli. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I hope that someday Kalli and Lexi have a wonderful relationship like I do with my sister. She is truly one of my best friends.