Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The dilemmas of packing

We have come across some obstacles in packing. Last week we started packing up some of our belongings that we figured we wouldn't need until after our move. Well, as time goes by we now are feeling the effects of those items that are packed. Let me give you some examples:
~we packed all our DVDs thinking we wouldn't need them because there is enough on TV. Well, we also packed our Christmas movies and it just hasn't felt the same without them.
~I finished some sewing projects and figured I no longer needed my sewing machine out. Well, I have a couple of projects I would like to be working on before we leave, but it's not worth digging around.
~I packed all my scrapbook stuff because I haven't scrapbooked in months. Well, I packed stuff I needed to make a Christmas present. I actually did have to open that box to get it out.
~Lastly, Joe and I packed our dressers because there were clothes that we didn't need. Joe specifically asked if we would need our swimsuits. Well, duh, no. It is December and we're moving somewhere cold, why would we need our swimsuits? I just booked our hotel room for two nights in Albuquerque that we will stay in for 2 days before we close on our house. Low and behold, it has an indoor swimming pool. Ugh. 
Oh the joys of packing!


Karrasch Clique said...

LOL...I HATE PACKING and I am not good at it! I wish you luck as you get ready for the move!

thegatewoodfamily said...

Oh my goodness I know what you mean... so much of my stuff is in storage... and I thought I wouldn't need my sewing machine and now I do, I would almost rather buy a new one than try and find my other one in storage. lol