Monday, December 8, 2008

Light up my life

On Sunday night Joe, Blake, Kalli and I went to the Mesa, AZ temple to check out their Christmas lights. I couldn't believe how many people were there. The lights were amazing and they really helped me feel the spirit and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Although the Mesa temple doesn't quite compare to the Salt Lake temple, it was still beautiful nonetheless. I took pictures but they don't show how truly beautiful it was. 
Today was Kalli's last day in our ward because of her surgery so I decided to dress her in a Christmas dress. I attempted to get pictures of the two kiddos before church and it went pretty well. Blake just wouldn't let go of the ball. Oh well.  Blake wanted desperately to run out to these lights. They were beautiful.  They had these bunches of trees in a couple locations. I heard one older lady comment that they should have put blue in. Seriously, I am happy how it is.  The beautiful manger scene. They were playing the Mormon Tabernacle songs and Oh man was the spirit so strong. That was until a woman started screaming at her son that he was so embarrassing that she would just die because he embarrassed her so much. The boy was only doing what every child was doing. Poor little guy.  Joe and Blake enjoying the manger scene. It was so cute because every little kid around us was pointing out each animal. So amongst all the talking you would hear "COW" "SHEEP". It was cute. 
It was such a beautiful night and I am so glad we were able to find time to go out there. I hope Blake was able to feel the sweet spirit there. He was very well behaved so maybe he did. 
It was like 60 degrees out and we thought it was funny that people were wrapped in heavy coats. We just had long sleeves and were fine. Funny Arizonians. 


Kerstin said...

The Temple lights look like a lot of fun. Kalli's dress is super cute.

Karrasch Clique said...

How fun! I LOVE nativities. My school is doing a live Nativity this next weekend and we are hoping to go! Don't you just love Christmas??? So when do you guys actually move? You may have wrote it, but sometimes I just skim the writing...sorry, bad habit! =D

The CEO said...

How fun. Your kids are adorable. We'll be thinking of you in the next days.

Clint and Emily said...

Do share where you got Kalli's dress. I love, love, love it.