Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Candy: a double edged sword

So with Christmas comes the wonderful assortment of candy. Of course we received some red and green M&M's from grandma and grandpa Norby. One night Joe and I were sick of giving Blake some one by one, so Joe decided to give Blake a little serving of his own in a cup. Blake thought this was the greatest thing ever and promptly sat down and ate his "daily ration". The next day I gave his "daily ration" of M&M's in his little cup. Again he was so excited and loved eating them. After he was done he didn't ask for more (which amazed me more than anything, isn't he a Norby??) 
To bite me in the behind, the next day after his nap, Blake went up to the counter where we keep the M&M's and kept saying "please, please". I of course gave in because I didn't want to create a fight (some are worth fighting, this one was not). So now every day after his nap he expects to have some yummy M&M's in his own cup. As I said before, Christmas candy is a double edged sword. 
Really what mom can't relate to this?


Kerstin said...

Landon always tries to get into any treats that he can find. Now that he is older he will actually pull things out of the cabinet and just go at it (we don't keep any candy that low but he will get out cereal, cracker etc). It is cute that Blake was standing at the counter asking please, I love that!

THE HARTS said...

thats funny!!! i know i am going to be one of those moms that has a hard time saying no! im in for it! merry christmas!!