Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Relaxing Christmas

Our day started out by us waking Blake up at 8. Joe and I wanted to get the show on the road. Blake was pretty hesitant about opening his presents, we're not sure why. Maybe because they had been sitting under the tree for almost a month and he wasn't allowed to touch them.
The first present that Blake opened after his stocking stuffers was a big Tonka truck. That was it for Blake, he just wanted to play with that. Joe and I figured we could have just bought him one or two presents and he would have been happy. We had to struggle to get Blake to open any more gifts. When our struggles were fruitless we decided to open ours while he played. That was pretty fun. We received so many great gifts from each other and family and friends. Joe loved his personalized Diamondbacks jersey. He wore it all day.  After Joe and I opened all our gifts, we proceeded to work with Blake on his. He just wanted to play with what he received and was content doing so. After we had opened most of the presents (Blake still had 2 presents unopened when naptime came) we just sat around and enjoyed our day.  We had a really nice Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings. Of course Blake just ate his mashed potatoes. After Blake went to bed, Joe and I stayed up and played two of the games that we received. 
It was nice having a quiet, low key Christmas. Although it would have been nice to be with family, it was nice to be with our own little family. Since we don't know where we will be living next Christmas, we took this opportunity to create our own family traditions. 

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Kerstin said...

Landon was the same way that Blake was last year, this year he was really excited about opening presents so I bet next year will be really fun for Blake. I am glad that you had a nice little Christmas, I enjoyed just being with the 4 of us a lot more then I was expecting.