Saturday, May 31, 2008

La Jolla Shores

On Thursday we went to the beach. Blake has always been a water baby and loved Lake Tahoe so we knew that the beach would be a success. He loved the water so much. He would run into the waves and then run away repeatedly. Joe and I became a little worried when he was shivering but Blake didn't seem to notice. Towards the end of our stay at the beach, Blake found that throwing wet sand into the waves is mercilessly funny so that's what he did until we left. Needless to say, he needed to be hosed off. Here are some pictures of our beach adventure. 
Blake is testing out how the sand feels on his feet. He loved it of course (who wouldn't?) Blake's first experience with the ocean. He loved every minute of it. That is a smile on his face if you can't tell. I think that if we let him, he would have stayed there all day and week. By the way, his swim trunks pretty much went down to his ankles. The kid needs to grow this summer.  Blake and daddy. He wouldn't look at the camera because he was too absorbed in the waves.  Blake and mommy. Again, would not look at the camera and would only smile because of the waves. 
I don't know when we will get back to the beach because Joe actually has a career now (growing up sometimes doesn't have perks) but I know we will try to do this as often as is possible. 

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