Friday, May 2, 2008

Ice cream cravings

Joe has decided that he has more cravings than me with this pregnancy. Last night he decided that milk shakes sounded great and I agreed. So Blake and him went out and picked up milk shakes and I told Joe that Blake had been a really good boy lately so he should get a treat too. Joe got me a delicious strawberry milkshake, a butterfinger blizzard for himself and Blake got a whole ice cream cone to himself. 
When they got home Blake was so proud of his ice cream cone 
and took great care with it. He LOVED eating it and even gave us some licks. It was delicious.
Here are pictures of Blake's first ice cream cone. 


Kerstin said...

These pictures are so cute, i love the first one! After reading your post ice cream sounds really good.

Paula said...

Norbys love icecream, what can I say. Love his cute, cheesy smile.

H&S said...

It was his first ice cream cone and he SHARED it?? That kid's a saint.