Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meet Our New Obsession

This is the new addition to our home and it couldn't be more loved by us. I was going to buy this for Joe for father's day but we instead couldn't wait and bought it for Joe's graduation. We have literally been playing for hours and hours at a time. Blake even enjoys watching us play with the cars. He sits down and eats his snacks and cheers us on. We have successfully opened up all the tracks are now having a ton of fun battling each other. Isn't our new addition beautiful? =)

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Kerstin said...

How fun! I am never any good at these types of games ( ok, lets face it I am not good at any type of video game) but I think that it is cool that you and Joe have games like this that you can play together. Also I think it is so cute that Blake will sit and watch you play.