Monday, November 10, 2008

Kalli's blessing

Last weekend we were able to bless Kalli. Unfortunately our bishopric never mentioned that that weekend was going to be a state-wide stake conference so we had to do a private blessing. We ended up doing it in our relief society room with family. It was very exciting to have family come and share with us in our very happy moment. Joe's mom and dad were there along with his brother Eric and his family. My mom and grandma were also there along with our bishop. Joe's mom asked to make Kalli's dress and I kindly obliged (seriously I was super excited). She did such a great job and I truly love it. Joe gave her a very beautiful blessing. I am extremely grateful for a husband who is worthy to use his priesthood whenever it is needed. With all that we have been going through with Kalli, it was such a blessing to hear what great things are in store for her life.  
Here she is in her pretty bow and dress. 
She just wanted to sleep when I wanted to take pictures. So sweet. 
Four generations of women in our family. I kinda look like a giant to them, I hope I don't shrink too =)
Kalli and me. I just love this little girl!
Happy mom and dad. She was lounging as far back as she could which doesn't make for good pictures, oh well. 
On a side note, I have these really cute bows that I put on Kalli's head everyday and the bow that she wore for her blessing. These were all made by a friend of mine. She is very affordable and has some cute stuff for older kids too (they also make adorable bracelets that Kalli wears everyday). Check out her website: 


Kerstin said...

She is so beautiful! I love the dress and the bow it is all so cute and girly!

Karrasch Clique said...

Oh-my-heck She is the sweetest/cutest thing ever!!!

Jenny and Kevin said...

You look like such a happy little family! Wish we could have been there.

Our Family said...

Aw, you guys are so cute. She is a beautiful little girl.

What have you been going through with Kalli? Bad things? Is she ok?

Norby Family said...

More to come with what has been going on. Right now we are in the throes of it and are not sure really what is going on... we will let you all know, whether good or bad. Sorry to be so cryptic but right now we're not quite sure what is going on.

Aubrey Norby said...

Um, we definately need more details about what you are in the throes of. Sounds scary. Kalli looks angelic -- I love the dress that Paula made. How special. Thanks for the tip on the website for your friend's girly things. I have been trying to find some for Haley since she has kind of outgrown the baby bows, but still doesn't have much hair.

Ryan and Kelli said...

What a beautiful little girl. We can't wait to see her! Paula has a talent- the dress is adorable... Hope all is well!

Summer and Hunter said...

What great pictures! She is so adorable. You look great in all of them, but super cute in the last one :)

Six Skinners said...

Hi Guys-

We hope everything is okay with your sweet baby. Please keep us posted when you feel it is appropriate. Love you guys.

BTW...Landon works for Pulte Homes.