Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Month

Kalli is now one month old. I know everybody says how time flys, but it sure does. I actually think it went faster with her than with Blake. She is still such a delight in our home and is really a sweet baby. She is very calm and rarely cries or fusses. When she wakes up at night she doesn't cry, just starts smacking her lips. Kalli loves her brother. The other day she was fussing and I couldn't pick her up at the time so I told Blake to go over and sing to her. He lay down next to her and started singing "Sunbeam" and she instantly stopped crying and watched him. As soon as he was done she started fussing again. It was so sweet. We go see her pediatrician on Friday so we will post her stats then. 
I love her facial expressions
Stink eye. 
It is such an accomplishment when I get a smile. She kept smiling for me when I had the camera, she knows how it works. 


Kerstin said...

She is so cute!! I love all the new pictures.

Jenny and Kevin said...

LOVE the stink eye picture. She is going to be so good at that look when she is a teenager. Good Luck with that! And Blake is adorable as well.

Kelly Shoroye said...

She is so precious! What a smile

Marshall said...

She is so cute.