Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So today I braved the crowds and went out. Each year I tell myself I won't go out, the deals aren't that great and if they are you have to be first in line. But each year I go out and regret it. This year I just wanted to get a few odds and ends and decided to go out. Joe actually started black Friday by going on Thursday. Yes, after dinner Joe headed over to Michaels because they had Cricut cartridges $60 off. He actually got a hold of one, among many many women. 
My sister and I then went Friday morning shopping. We stopped at JoAnn's first because they had snuggly fabric for $1.50 a yard, which is a good price and fleece for $2.99. I got there found a couple of items and got in line to get my fabric cut. The line was at least 30 people and almost all of them had at least 20 bolts of fabric to be cut. I stayed in line for a bit but when it hadn't moved AT ALL, I decided to leave. 
We then headed over to Kohl's to get some kids clothes. Well, their sales weren't great. I bought some fleece sleepers the other day and today they were the same price (at least I didn't feel bad for buying a couple days ago). I did find a FABULOUS frame that was more than 50% off. It's amazing. I had a couple people ask me where I found it when I was in line. That frame made up for my hour long wait in line to purchase it. 
Our third trip of the morning was to Target to get some things not for Christmas. I ended up just finishing Blake's and Kalli's presents there. Not bad there actually.
What is really sad though is that a 34 year old man was killed at a Walmart by stampeding people. So sad. What is wrong with those people?! 
From the looks of the stores today, the economy shouldn't be as low as it is. People were spending mega bucks today.
Enjoy your black Friday!


Kerstin said...

I went out this morning and it was pretty crazy. Walmart was the worst (I don't know why I even decided to go there becuase I knew it would be really bad). Among other things I witnessed a guy being punched out before the store even opened. Like you I always tell myself I won't go and then I end up going. It is really sad about that guy in New York, I don't understand ho saving a few bucks is worth taking a life.

thegatewoodfamily said...

Brandon and I went to target prob around 11:00 we got a whole bunch of new movies for like 4$ each then I got tired of the croud so we left and went home... I think we went to JoAnns last year and we were in there forever with the dang line...when are they going to learn that they need more than 2 registers open?

Our Family said...

I went to Joanns around 9:30 with my mom and we had four bolts to cut, picked a number and it was 100 from the one being called. We walked around and looked at other stuff for about a half hour and it had moved 5 people, so we left. We came back at 8:00 pm and waited 3 minutes:) It was crazy.

Aubrey Norby said...

I want to see the frame that was worth that! I don't care how cool the frame was, you couldn't convince me to shop on Black Friday! Kudos to you for braving it.