Sunday, November 16, 2008

The life of Blake

Last night we were hanging out in the living room and Joe got out the baby play mat for Kalli. Blake quickly got inside and Joe decided to make it a tent for Kalli and Blake. Kalli didn't last too long but Blake loved it. He is also clothesless because Blake now likes to disrobe at all times. I walked into nursery today to check on him and he was in the middle of pulling off his pants, great! 
On Friday Joe and I were able to attend a session at the Mesa temple. Joe's mom so graciously watched our two little ones while we were away. When we came back Joe's aunt Beth and her daughter Amy Jo and her husband Joey were at the house. Blake was having the time of his life with Joey. Dad no longer was cool and it was all about Joey. He's going to make a great dad one day, he sure has the energy for it! When they were leaving Blake wanted to wear Joe's sunglasses and Joey had some ones like them. Blake kept saying "cool dude" and doing a thumbs up. It was cute. It's so nice to have such great family around us here and we love having the opportunity to get to know them better. 
Joey and Blake
P.S. Thanks Beth for the wonderful gifts. We used the blanket today at church and everybody loved how soft it was. You are awesome!


The KGB Family said...

I can't believe you have a Christmas background already. Both of your kids are cute. Kalli looks just like Blake. I'm not hoping for a boy, just a really quiet baby. We got Kalli's announcement, cute. I miss scap'n with yah.

The KGB Family said...

so I spelled scrap'n wrong. I'm pregnant what do you expect.

Allen said...

My daughter is just figuring out how to undo zippers. It's really funny but annoying at the same time. Luckily, she can only unzip her pajamas - she can't get them off yet. And once again, I'm totally jealous of the weather in Phoenix.