Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albuquerque Zoo

A couple weekends ago we took Blake and Kalli to the Albuquerque zoo. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think we ruined ourselves by going to the Sand Diego zoo, as nothing will ever compare. But they did have a polar bear which loved to show off to the people, seals, tigers, lions, camels and everything else a zoo is supposed to have. Best of all the kids were free! Although they made up for that with the price of lunch. We know that next time we go we will bring our own food in, much cheaper!
This is a before picture. Blake decided he wanted to sit in the stroller. He quickly decided against that as soon as we go into the park. This is also how we left because we wore Blake out! We have since bought a double jogging stroller, so that will fix this problem next time.  A family photo, which is very rare for us! Blake looking at the tigers. This was by far his favorite attraction. After we left this one to look at other animals he kept asking to go back to the tigers. The tigers got a bit naughty while we were standing there. Who knows maybe a new baby tiger will be born there soon. =) Blake was obsessed with the train. We decided he should ride it and luckily Blake was free yet again! We missed it by just a few seconds and as they were pulling away Blake got really sad and started crying "Wait". All the people were so sad for him. 15 minutes later we got on and he was so happy. I think that may have been the longest he sat for that amount of time without moving. I love our little Kalli girl. She is such a trooper. She just hung out in the stroller the whole time without ONE complaint! She is amazing! She woke up just in time for us to get on the train and I think she loved it too because she just kept rocking herself back and forth. 
If you talk to Blake in the near future you may just hear all about the zoo, even though its been a week and half. Joe gets to hear about it at least 3 times a day on the phone when we call him. 


Amy Jo & Joey said...

Kalli looks very cute with her headband!

Kerstin said...

I love the family picture. The zoo sounds like a lot of fun.

The CEO said...

How fun. Zoos are the BEST. Your kids are so cute. We miss you. Shanna

Jensen Family said...

Hey... that zoo kicks the Sacramento zoos butt!