Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Favorite Comments

Obviously Kalli and I are going to get a lot of stares when we go out in public. Most people have never seen a baby with a helmet on. I don't even mind when people ask about it, I would be curious too! But some of the comments are either super rude or so funny I ponder on them for days at a time. Here are some prime examples: 
  •    At Jo-Ann's a woman stopped Joe and I and commented on how cute Kalli is with her helmet. She then proceeded to ask us if she has it on to protect her from her brother. Sorry no, but maybe that is a good idea.
  • A woman again at Joanns (I must spend a lot of time there) made a comment that Kalli must bump her head into a lot of things for us to resort to putting her in a helmet. Seriously lady?
  • My all time favorite is coming out of the library, I was getting Kalli out of her sling. This old man was driving away in his car and stopped by my car as I was putting the kids in. He rolled down the window and said how cute her helmet is. Then he proceeded to say "I was just wondering about it because I would like to get my granddaughter one". I promptly replied that she would need surgery to get it. I think that shut him up. 
Mind you, most of the weird comments are coming from the older generation, maybe they don't mind saying the first thing that comes to their mind. I actually find these occurrences hysterical, not rude. I really doubt they mean anything by them. But the fact that I get those three comments almost on a daily basis makes me smile. Now when we go out, we won't have the comments anymore, what will I do with myself? 


Kerstin said...

The comment about the helmet protecting her from her brother is so funny. I hope you didn't get too many rude comments, that would make me so mad.

thegatewoodfamily said...

I got a lot of comments about Bindi's eye. It totally makes you look back and think if you yourself have ever made a comment that could have offended someone. People can be so dumb sometimes with the things they say. Last night at Walmart some lady said, " did she pull her eyelashes out"? I just looked at her and said, "no she had surgery" and turned around. There is a lady in our ward and her little girl just got her helmet off. Hope Kalli is doing well, you have 2 pretty dang cute kids!

The KGB Family said...

Being the nasty mom that I am, I would say to people..No, she has the helmet because she is taking motorcycle riding lessons. That's just me.

Jensen Family said...

That's funny... and I agree with the man at the library, it has crossed my mind a couple of times to get Kaden a helmet. My brother bryan had to wear one when he was little because he hit his head so much (true story)!

Kilburn-Hall family said...

Yeah, being the blond that I am I could definitely see myself saying something stupid like that--or something like "training to be a future football player??". Ya gotta just laugh and keep writing the more witty ones down for Kalli later.

JRC said...

Serioulsy people can be so rude and stupid as it seems in your comments. My friends little boy had to wear a helmet to re-shape his head and she put little tiny letter stickers across the front that said "what helmet?" that usually shut people up before they said anything rude.