Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our trip to Arizona

This last weekend we traveled to Arizona. We went mainly for Kalli's neurosurgeon appointment. The added perk was that Joe's parents and brother and his wife were going to be there as well. We had so much fun and it was sad to leave. Here are some pictures documenting our weekend. 
Kalli hanging out with her cousin Alicia. Alicia just loved holding her and it was nice to have others take care of her while I could talk to other people.  Kalli with Grandma Norby. She loved her grandma and hopefully grandma got enough of Kalli. 
We saw her neurosurgeon on Thursday. He told us that she only has to wear her helmet for another month, but only when she sleeps. It's making marks on her head which means the helmet doesn't fit anymore which means that it has done its job. So we have been taking it off a little more each day. I have those bows and headbands just waiting for her! Blake was papa's shadow the whole time we were there. If papa went outside, Blake had to go too! Blake made papa take him on at least 3 walks a day. Who needs a gym when you have an active 2.5 year old.  Ryan and Blake. Blake couldn't wait to see uncle Ryan. He kept asking for him all week. Ryan sure plays hard and Blake couldn't get enough! This is where Ryan was having Blake pretend to be a dog. We have a video of it that I will post one day.  The family playing a nice, calm =) game of Ticket to Ride. It was fun listening to them play. This family sure knows how to have fun when we get together. The food was great and I actually managed not to gain weight on this trip. This is a first for me, Norby get togethers usually pack on the pounds on my body.
We had so much fun and can't wait to see family again. I think Blake is having papa withdrawals!


Emily said...

What a fun weekend. It looks like you had a great time--and it was probably WARM, too!

I'm also thrilled to hear how well Kalli's doing. Way to go!

Amy said...

How fun you all got to be there together! Ticket to Ride is the best! We're so glad Kalli is doing so much better. We keep her in our prayers :)

Amy Jo & Joey said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys this weekend! I hope we get to visit again sooner than later!

Karrasch Clique said...

So fun!!! We also love ticket to ride. I will have to bug Chris to play it this weekend!

Megan said...

Good ol' ticket to ride. Never causes contention at Woodbury get togethers :)