Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you a bracketologist?

Every year Joe and I fill out brackets for the NCAA tournaments. We get excited to do this every year. We usually try to make it a bet between us, although I don't think we have ever followed through with it. The first couple years we did it, it was way fun because Nevada was doing really well and making it to the tournament. I also was keeping up with what college teams were doing what. However, since I graduated a couple of years ago, I haven't quite been keeping track. So this year was especially hard for me to fill out my bracket as I had NO idea who was doing well or not. I waited till the last minute to fill mine out. So far so good, although only 3 games have finished.
What should our little deal be if I win or if he wins? That is the question...
How are your brackets filling out?



sunday mornings are daddy mornings!! that should be your reward!!! you get to sleep in while daddy arises to the sound of the children. that is suppose to be the rule at our house but most of the time it slides but hey its a great rule. for at least a month. 4 sundays!!!!

Jenny and Kevin said...

Kevin and I are trying it this year too! But Kevin is going to win- I can already feel it. Our bet was whoever wins gets 20 dollars to spend but I am not so sure I am going to stick to that if Kevin wins because at this moment he is buying himself a motorcycle! I have gone crazy!