Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Sparks Rib Cook Off

We sure missed you today. We thought we would try another rib cook off here in our town, hoping it would meet up to your high standard. Not so. It didn't help that it was 44 degrees with a nasty wind that blew dirt in your eyes. It made me long for your warm summer days. I also missed your fall off the bone ribs, that were also not horribly priced. What a difference a state makes. 
Although to make up for your absence, I found a cute skirt marked down from $45 to $6. Maybe that helped make up for my home sickness for your yummy food. 
Oh Sparks, how we missed you today!


Jenny and Kevin said...

we have a solution- come back! or at least come visit in August and taste the rib deliciousness.

Angie said...

What? Did I miss the rib cook off? I didn't even hear about it. I am so out of the loop!